Application Guideline of Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students (2021)

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1.Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.

2.Bachelor degree applicants should meet the conditions set by the“Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC”.

3.Applicants should have excellent academic performance and good development potential in the former study periods. For those applying for scholarship Type-A, the GPA in the previous stage shall not be less than 3.2/4 or equivalent level; for those applying for scholarship Type-B, the GPA in the previous stage shall not be lower than 2.8/4 or equivalent level.

4.Applicants should have the admission to the degree programs in Shanghai Normal University, excluding language or literature programs other than Chinese such as English or French etc.

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Bachelor Programs       Master Programs        Ph.D. Programs


5.Applicants for art majors such as art, music and dance, need to submit 4-5 art works.

6.Limitation of Age (by Sep.1st, 2021)

i.Applicants for bachelor programs should be under 25.

ii.Applicants for master programs should be under 35.

iii.Applicants for Ph.D. programs should be under 40.  

7.Applicants should meet the following language requirements: (HSK report is valid for 2 years)

lUndergraduate Programs:

i.programs for arts: HSK (Level ) 180 overall and at least 60 in each module.

ii.programs for science: HSK (Level ) 195 overall and at least 65 in each module.

iii.programs for liberal art or management: HSK (Level ) 240 overall and at least 80 in each module.

lGraduate Programs:

HSK (Level) 180 overall and at least 60 in each module.

For programs in Chinese linguistics or Literature related, HSK210, 70 in each module.

lDoctoral programs

HSK Ⅵ≥180 overall and at least 60 in each module.

8.Applicants should have no other Chinese Government Scholarship at the same time.


II.Coverage and Standards:

lClass A (Full Scholarship) covers the following (provided for master and Ph. D programs. Ph. D program applicants are prioritized):


ii.Accommodation on campus (twin room)

iii.Comprehensive Insurance

iv.Living allowance will be provided monthly with RMB3,000 to graduates and RMB 3,500 to doctoral postgraduates.  

lClass B plus (Partial Scholarship) covers the following (provided for bachelor, master and Ph. D programs):


ii.Accommodation on campus (twin room)

iii.Comprehensive Insurance  

lClass B (Partial Scholarship) covers the following (provided for bachelor, master and Ph. D programs):


ii.Comprehensive Insurance



For those undergraduate applicant who do not meet the Chinese proficiency requirements, they can apply to the Pre-college program at SHNU, where SISP scholarship is available; Upon graduation from the pre-college, excellent students are prioritized to apply for scholarship for their undergraduate study.


III.Application documents:

1.Log into the website (, fill in the online application form and upload all the necessary documents.

2.Fill out the online application form at , upload all the necessary documents and pay the application fee online.

3.Check list for application (Please prepare the PDF of the following documents before hand. )

i.Scholarship application form downloaded from

ii.Passport scanned copies(Main page of passport, in JPG, PNG or PDF)

iii.Applicants who are living in China should also provide a scanned copy of valid visa or resident permit

iv.Photo (passport size, in JPG or PNG)

v.Scanned copies of notarized certifications of the full transcript (including senior secondary school, bachelor or master).

Applicants for bachelor program should provide full transcript in high school period.

Applicants for master program should provide full transcript in bachelor period.

Applicants for Ph.D program should provide full transcript in bachelor and master periods.

vi.Scanned copies of notarized certifications of the highest education level achieved (including senior secondary school, bachelor or master).

vii.Personal Statement. It should include your finance status, education background, academic or working performance and reasons of applying scholarships. It should be written in either Chinese or English with no more than 1000 words.

viii.Valid language certificate or report.

ix.Two recommendation letters from professors (Click or scan to download the sample).

x.Medical examination form issued by hospital (Click or scan to download the sample).

xi.Non-Criminal Record Certificate in Chinese or English issued by the police or former school.

xii.Ph.D program applicants should provide the abstract and content of their master degree thesis.

xiii.Application fee: RMB520 (USD$80) paid to SHNU’s account (Click or scan to download the bank account)



Please note that whether admitted or not, no application fee will be returned.

Non-English certifications should be attached with notarized translation in Chinese or English.

Application with incomplete documents is regarded as invalid application.

Entrance examination (online interview or test) might be arranged according to the requirement of different colleges or majors. Further information will be sent by email. Please check your email frequently.


IV.Application period and via :

lApplication deadline: May 31st, 2021.

lBoth scholarship application ( and the university application ( must be submitted before the deadline.

lNo need to send hard copy.

lIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact:





The final results will be published on International Affair Office website ( ), and only successful applicants will be contacted through e-mail or Wechat.

Successful applicants must confirm the acceptance within one week by paying the required accommodation fee. Failing to pay before the deadline will cause the automatic cancellation of scholarship qualification.



i.Once admitted, applicants must register according to the rules of the university. If not, the university has the rights to cancel both of the offer and the admission to the scholarship.

ii.All SGS recipients must apply for student visa (X1) and hold a study resident permit during the study period.

iii.Upon registration, scholarship recipients need to provide the original qualification certificate to review. If any false document is found, provider will be disqualified from the scholarship.

iv.Scholarship recipients must take annual assessment. The university has the rights to cancel the scholarship if they are unqualified for the annual assessment.

v.Scholarship recipients are not allowed to change their major and duration of study in principle. Those who change their major will be subject to scholarship relegation.


VII.Contact Information:

Tel: +86-21-64323905

Fax: +86-21-64321575

Email and Website:




International Students Office, west campus

Shanghai Normal University

No.100, Guilin Road

Shanghai 200234